Adventure Series

Our Adventure Series Presentations take place during the Fall/Winter months and are held in the back room at Cycle Alaska. Once a month we invite guests to come share their Bicycle Touring adventures with us and with you! If your trying to decide where to tour next or maybe wanting to plan your first Bicycle tour, then this is a great opportunity to come learn how others do it and ask questions. Come get inspired by the stories and photos of tours from all over the world!

All presentations start at 5:15 pm and last about an hour long with time for questions after. This is a free event, and snacks and beverages are provided. Hope to see you at the next one!

February 21 2019: An Independent Year on a Bike with Carole Bookless 

Bike Around the World? – Yes, You Can!

 Ever since growing up south of Chicago, my bike has been my key to freedom and adventure. Between the gritty, industrial Calumet Region and the green, Midwest farmlands, my trusty Schwinn transported Mini-me to new realities. My dream of a gap year on my bike before university had to wait until I graduated, but it finally became a reality. With my clunky 10 speed that I bought in high school with babysitting money, I packed a tube tent, solid fuel stove, cheap sleeping bag and set off through “sunny” Britain, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

 Back to the same old/same old, I craved longer, more exotic bike adventures. In 1989, I put everything in storage, bought some decent equipment and traveled around the world. While you may not want to live on the cheap like I did, anyone can plan and execute a long haul bike trip that meets their specific needs. This presentation will talk about some of the logistics of living on a bike for months at a time. From route planning, equipment, finances to loneliness and culture shock – regardless of where or how you roam - many of the considerations are the same.

 Let me try to convince you to leave it all behind using slides of my travels, information and anecdotes.