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Tour FAQ's

It has been a long time since I have ridden a bike, is that ok?

Yes, we love getting people re-inspired to ride again no matter how long it has been. Our guests are of all ages and all levels of biking skills, and our Guides will go over a few things to get you familiar with our bikes.  We want you to have fun and be safe, so we will ensure you feel comfortable before we head out. *You do have to know how to ride a bike to join our tour.

What if I get too tired and do not want to ride any longer?

No worries, our driver guides would be pleased to have you ride with them in our vans. Along the way they will regale you with stories of what you are seeing and they will try and answer all your questions. At every stop you will be able to get out and enjoy the scenery, and take pictures too.

What should I wear?

It is best to wear tennis shoes or running shoes of some kind; and bring several layers of tops. You can always leave an extra layer in the van which will follow you along the way on your tour.

What if it rains?

Welcome to the Southeast Alaska Rainforest! Since this is where we live, we are always ready with rain gear, bottoms and tops, in almost any size for you to wear, as well as gloves.

Bike and Brew specific questions....

Are there any restrooms?
There is a "real" restroom facility at the Chapel by the Lake which you are welcome to use. This is where we get you set up on the bike and start the tour. There are also restrooms at the midway point and the end of the biking portion, which finishes at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.

Are there any hills?

There is one small hill about 100 yards long. It is short enough that most people are easily able to bike up it. If you prefer, you can certainly get off your bike and walk -don't worry a guide will stay with you.

Do we go to a Brewery?
No. We take you to a local bar and restaurant called the Flight Deck*.  Its located right near the docks with a beautiful view of the channel, mountains and a float plane hanger. They will give you tastings of our Local Brewery and of others from around Alaska.

*For the 2021 Bike and Brew Tour you will be given a coupon for a flight of beer at the Flight Deck. Our guides will walk you over to the location upon your return to downtown. You are welcome to use your coupon at anytime during your stay in Juneau. 

How do I get back to my ship after the tour?
The tour ends at the beer tasting which is located along the Sea-walk near the Cruise ships. Most will be able to walk out and enjoy exploring downtown, and also be within a few minutes of your ship. For those guests that are at the furthest dock, we will offer a ride back and direct you to where you can catch a shuttle.

Bike and Tram Specific questions...

Are there any restrooms?
Yes. There are bathrooms available at the start of the tour where we get you set up on the bike. There wont be bathrooms again after this until we are back down at the Tram and Docks.

Are there any hills?
Yes. Although this starts on a mountain and has a lot of downhill, there a couple uphill portions during this tour and long gradual ascents and descents on the lower portion. It is all doable and our guides will wait for you and allow you time to get up them, even if you want to walk.
What if I am afraid of Heights?The Tram ride is a quick 5 minute trip up to 1800 ft. We suggest taking a seat in the car and refrain from looking out for the quick trip. 

What happens when I get done with the Tram?
The Tram is located downtown right in the middle of all the Ships, so you will be able to walk back to your ship at any time or catch a shuttle to the furthest dock. Your ticket is good for all day, so you can go whenever and as many times as you like.

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