Q-Tubes Tube (22 x 1.75 inch, Schrader Valve)

Q-Tubes Tube (22 x 1.75 inch, Schrader Valve)
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• Low Lead Valve
• ISO Diameter: 457
• ISO Width (mm): 44 mm
• Labeled Size: 22 x 1.75
• Tube Compound: Butyl
• Valve: Standard Schrader
• Valve Core: Removable
• Valve Length: Schrader
• Valve Shaft: Smooth
• Weight: 145 g

Schrader valves are identical to those found on car tires. These valves are generally used on hybrid and children's bikes. Presta valves, which are found on most road and off-road bikes, are longer and thinner and feature a threaded tip, which must be opened to inflate (turn counterclockwise).

Part Numbers

708752053984 TU5730