Biking Routes

What to see in Juneau and where to go riding...

 The most popular ride to do and most visited site, is the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Area. Its roughly 26 miles round trip from Cycle Alaska and is on mostly flat terrain. You will be traveling along the base of the mountains using bike lanes and bike paths off of the main roads. This is a great ride and way to see Juneau, and the very popular Mendenhall Glacier! Once you arrive at the Visitor Center Area, you will be able to lock your bike up at one of the bike racks near the parking lot and experience the area. With many trails to choose from, you wont be disappointed, whether you want to go see Nugget Falls or walk on one of the trails that will bring you close to the wildlife, you're sure to enjoy your time out there.

*Please be aware that this area has a strong population of black bears and food and drink, other than water, are not aloud to be consumed in this area. Keeping your distance and not approaching wildlife is safe and mandatory. For more information on this area please visit, Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.

 Another great ride to do is on Douglas Island, heading out north where it opens up with beautiful views of the glacier, mountains and the ocean. Leaving from Cycle Alaska you can get a 26 mile round trip ride in if you go all the way to the end of the road. Along the way you can stop at different points and see creeks, beaches and walk out on the Rainforest Trail. You may even get to see salmon, porcupine, black bears, eagles, whales and other wildlife in the area. This ride is made of mostly rolling hills, nothing huge but the longest lasting about a half mile in length. If you are interested in getting some more miles in or doing some climbing you have the option at mile 9 to head up Fish Creek Rd to the local ski area. This is 5 miles long in total length from bottom to top, you would be coming down the same road and enjoying a very fast and maybe brisk downhill. Please be cautious of cars as it is still used for summer activities and does not have much of a shoulder.

 If your interested in getting on some trail, there are two options you can access from the downtown area. Both trails are multi-use, so please be respectful of other users on the trail and give way to hikers and runners, as well as keeping your speed in control on the downhill.

 Perseverance Trail is located downtown up in between Mt Juneau and Mt Roberts, and you can access the trail head from Basin Rd. From the trail head the trail is 3 miles long, being an out and back trail the total length is 6 miles. Most of your climbing will be in the first mile with some steep grade and then a gradual climb to the end, but the return is almost all down hill. This is a beautiful trail with lots of bridges, waterfalls and wildlife to enjoy!

 Treadwell Ditch Trail is located on Douglas Island, and although the trail may be 14 miles in length, only portions of it are accessible by bike. There are a couple access points to the trail, I would recommend the Blueberry Hills access which is off of Jackson Rd, and do an out and back from there. You could also enter or exit at the Gastineau Meadows Trail to avoid the long road climb. This trail has been receiving a lot of trail work, including new bridges and gravel in muddy sections, and is continuing to improve every summer.

 For more info and directions on these trails please visit to view bike map.

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